About Me


My name is Stuart M. Rosenberg. I thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to look at my website. I wish to make your time spent as fruitful as possible.

I  enjoy a regional reputation as a subject matter expert and published author in Supply Chain Management and Lean Six Sigma disciplines. I have outstanding knowledge of all inventory control functions in both manufacturing and distribution. I have an excellent grasp of all the data involved with all inventory systems, cost analysis and product evaluations. Proficient with Lean, Six Sigma, ERP and MRP inventory control systems.

I have initiated, managed and oversaw all inventory control environs and situations, with direct supervision of various warehouse locations, to certify continuous accuracy, reliability and integrity of companies inventory operational and financial data.  I have influenced, counseled and directed major revisions to enhance companies operational efficiencies.  

Lean Inventory Management:
     Lean Inventory Valuation Methods
     Key Controls
     Inventory Auditing, Analysis & Reporting

Inventory Cycle Count Programs
Inventory Optimization
Inventory Software Systems
Continuous Improvement Projects
Lean White and Green Belt Certifications

I invite you to view my blogs at www.cermacademy.com., www.kinaxis.com. and http://supplychainminded.com, where I share my thoughts on various Supply Chain and Lean Six Sigma topics.such as U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness, Value Stream Costing and Key Warehouse Performance Indicators.